Our Objectives

Our objective is to provide all type of Geographical information and Remote Sensing services such as Image Processing, Image Interpretation and Analysis, Database Design and Connectivity for GIS Application, Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology, Visual impact assessment, Resource Mapping through Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, GIS Based Facility(FM) & Utility Management Resource,Automated Mapping(AM), Surface Analysis,

Land Use and Facility Mapping through Remote Sensing and GIS, Tourism Development and Database Integration, Knowledge management & content management on Spatial Technology, Planning Services, Surveying, Networking, Electrical line, Cable Connectivity and Demographic Analysis, Services on Weather forecasting and Environmental , Forest and Disaster Management System, Raster and Vector Conversion, Software and Application development, Web GIS, Vehicle Tracking System, CAD Drafting and Digitization, CAD conversion legacy Drawings, Geoinformatics Study, Map Preparation, Documentation & consulting and related services.


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