• Electrical Consumers Survey: We completed a survey work in GOA's Mapusa area. Consumer line are going through the LT electrical pole. We collect detail data of a consumer like their  name, address, meter detail etc. we also drawing where from the line came from.   
  • Total Station Survey in Airpot runway: We've done a total station survey in side the airport area. to upgrade runway's signal system they went to replace the older cat2 light to cat3. we are done a TS survey to accure the lights coordinates. on airport runways and taxiway too.
  • Electrical Networking Drawing: We've done the single line diagram of electrical LT line network in various location of MPs . We also spacify the detail in the line like Pole, Transformer, the phese, and oter features whatever we found in survey work.             
  • Obtical Fiber Networking Drwing: We know Airport Area are full of communicational area due to their neature. They should highly connected to each other for fly a single AirBus. We are proudly done that drawing work too. We draw total network of their obtical fiber network with all joints,pits and others important features which are lieing in their phriferal area.         
  • Electrical Network Survey: From power house to LT network, We've done all of these in this project in various location of West Bengal. with the help of Smartphones and through govts. spacify app we collect all the data of power houses, HT & LT network.


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